A Guidebook to Image Annotation

By : Niyati Shukla - 02-05-2022
A Guide Book to Image Annotation Services

Image annotation is a process in which images are annotated with labels, tags, or boxes manually by humans. The images get annotated using text, annotation tools, or both. As the data gets embedded into AI/ML models, they can identify the same qualities (of the image) on their own.

Image annotation is utilized to identify objects, boundaries, and segment images, meaning, or complete image understanding. A huge image data volume requires to be trained, validated & tested for the machine learning model to achieve the expected result.

Image annotation services are extremely useful as it facilitates data integration & analysis. It is a boon for industries such as eCommerce, healthcare, manufacturing, & many more.

Types of Image Annotation Services-

7 Types of Image Annotation Services

Semantic Segmentation:

In this process, each pixel of the image is identified & gets annotated with a specific label such as color-coded or pixel annotation. Semantic segmentation recognizes objects & gives categories to these objects based on their pixel intensities. The technology is beneficial for automotive, healthcare, agricultural, retail, and many other industries as it provides a complete idea of how the visual system operates and what restricts it. The process improves the efficiency of the algorithms, removes the image background, and improves accuracy.

Image Tagging & Labelling:

The process refers to labelling the people or/and objects in the image. The process gets utilized in fields like retail, e-commerce, marketing, and advertising.

Benefits are-

  • Quickly sorting and organization of the images
  • Quick access to a specific image using keywords

2D Bounding Boxes:

Bounding boxes superimpose a box around the object/person (you would like the system to identify) in a given image. The method is quite useful for industries like automotive, agriculture, retail and e-commerce, insurance, information technology, and real estate.

Benefits are-

  • Takes the shortest time for annotation
  • Gets done with a minimal costs

3D Bounding Boxes:

Also known as 3D cubid annotation, this is a process in which 2D images and videos get annotated into 3D models, using elements such as height, width, rotation, and depth. The process enables the AI/ML systems to comprehend the exact dimensions of an object. The technique is utilized widely in automotive, retail and e-commerce, healthcare, agriculture, and real estate industries.

Benefits are-

  • Calculates the distance between different objects to determine the size and space surrounding them.
  • Also helps to sort out the traffic in the automotive field.

Image Recognition services

Polygon Annotation:

This annotation process will help you determine the exact shape of an asymmetrical object using segmentation masks. Polygon annotation ensures precise image annotation. The approach is utilized in the automotive, real estate, information technology, and healthcare fields.

Benefits are-

  • Guarantees exact localization
  • Pin-points the exact shape and size of the objects

Landmark Annotation:

Landmark annotation is performed by marking key points in a particular area. The method helps to capture human figures and poses in 2D images and videos. Landmark annotation is utilized in healthcare, automotive, insurance, agriculture, retail, and e-commerce enterprises. It helps to identify face details, emotions, and gestures.

Image Masking:

Image Masking is the technique where images get separated into layers & masks through adobe Photoshop or any other similar software. For training machine learning algorithms, image masking is very useful.

Why outsource Image Annotation Services to eDataMine?

Benefits to Outsource with eDataMine

Human expertise:

Image annotation requires basic domain knowledge and relative understanding to annotate the data with perfect quality. When you outsource Image annotation services with us, we provide you with experts who have experience doing all the annotations mentioned above, across multiple use cases, clients, and industries. They know which annotation tool/software is best for a specific task, use case or the field. Our capable professionals knows how to turn tough tasks into smooth workflows that contribute to high-quality image annotation.

Latest technologies:

AI/ML is a field where today’s innovations are obsolete tomorrow. So, firms must keep a technological edge over their competitors. Keeping that in mind, we offer the best & latest technology tools & software to perform image annotation services for you. We ensure that we provide advanced quality image annotation and subsequently excellently performing AI models.

Customized approach:

We create and utilize various strategies specifically for each customer/client. To put this approach into practice, we understand client’s requirements and aligns our strategies to meet their specific business goals.

For the desired success of your AI/ML projects, having precise and superior quality image data annotation is what you require. Well, we heard you and we are here to provide you just that. Being in the field for over 12 years, eDataMine has been providing exceptional Image annotation services, image data entry services and image processing services to a diverse client base across the globe. By outsourcing with us, you can utilize your resources the best you can, develop new and engaging products & increase the efficiency of other business operations. You can depend on us for the finest data annotation services. To know more or to check our free trial, you can contact us at info@edatamine.com

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