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The coming of internet and technology has transformed the way people conduct business. Today the trend is more on ‘seeing is believing’. Businesses connect with their potential customers by way of images, catalogs, brochures – all well placed over the world wide web. Images are essential to educating the buyer about the features of the product or service that he is going to invest in. Image processing services can help business concerns transform their products into a professional catalog to be placed over the internet.

A very comprehensive set of solutions for image processing is available today. These solutions provided by professionals can be customized to suit your requirements. Sophisticated techniques give way to superior quality, which in turn gives you a higher edge over your competitors.

Why Opt for Outsourcing?

Outsourcing the services is a preferable option. You get an optimum mix of the best in class techniques and professionals. Superior quality service at the most affordable cost is an added advantage of outsourcing. It also helps you to free yourself of the resources if the task was to be taken in-house.

Outsource Your Needs to eDataMine –

eDataMine undertakes all types of document image processing services. We modify our packages as per the clients’ requirements. When you choose eDataMine as your partner, you get access to advanced technology and superior manpower. It helps you free your time, effort and resources and channelize the same towards the progress of your business. Our expert designers work as a team diligently and give you output that is high on quality.

What Does Our Image Processing Services Entail?

  • Masking
  • Color editing
  • Image editing
  • Photo services
  • Image retouching
  • Enhancement of image
  • Editing of background

We can provide you flexibility to suit the changing business conditions. Make us your service partner and we give you reasons to focus on your core business activities.

Our Techniques –

  • Validation
  • Capture
  • Extraction
  • Classification
  • Export of images

Our Image Processing Services Encompass –

  • Scanning – We scan your hard copy images and convert them to digital formats.
  • Advanced image processing – Multiple images are combined into one picture.
  • Compression – We compress the size of the image for easy uploading over the internet.

Choose eDataMine as your Partner to Outsource Image Processing Services –

eDataMine can be your trusted choice to outsource image processing services. Our capabilities and professionalism can help you –

  • Get customized solutions. The final output is delivered in a format of your choice – .jpg, .tiff, .bmp, etc.
  • Our quality control team ensures that your work is flawless. This has helped us gain the trust of clients of high repute.
  • Get access to the latest technology. You can take advantage of the modern infrastructure without making any heavy investments.
  • Your information is safe while uploading or downloading via our server. Further during the work stages too, strict compliance measures are followed so as to maintain the privacy of data.
  • Access to dedicated team managers who are committed to a single project at a time. They work in tandem with their team ensuring the output is delivered on schedule and is of high-end quality.
  • We help you leverage the advantage of latest software like Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Quark, etc. A perfect blend of talent and sophistication is what takes you bouncing ahead of your competitors.

Your Ideal Associate for End to End Business Solutions –

We at eDataMine believe in working for our customers. At the onset of every project, we undertake to sit across with the clients and understand their requirements. Understanding of the business helps us to develop customized solutions. We are open to suggestions and improvements. At every stage in the work process, clients are updated about the progress of the task. Communication with the clients is attained via emails, video conferencing, status dashboards, etc. We even undertake consultancy services and help you with valuable advice and suggestions. We help you attain your business objectives.

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