Legal Data Entry Services

A legal document can be of many kinds. It can be a document that binds two companies into a contractual partnership, specifies duties, and authorizes legal rights. Or it can be a document that specifies the legal rights of any person to any mortgage, will, deed of trust, contract, or a document (filed in any court, quasi-judicial or administrative judiciary).

Businesses are rarely autonomous thus they always deal with legal documentation of one or the other kind. They need to gather, organize, and maintain a lot of legal documents such as Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), registration of the trademark, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA), confidentiality contracts, partnership agreements, service contracts, financial contracts, stock certificates, purchase and sale agreements, bid bonds, and the list goes on.

Such documentation is mandatory for businesses in all sectors. These documents contain many important details which might get revised or changed entirely-if needed. Hence Legal data management must be conducted with greater accuracy and complete confidentiality. Even a single mistake can change the meaning or interpretation and can cause trouble. The task requires sufficient knowledge of legal terminologies, procedures, and experience in the field. That’s why it is best left to the experts.

Outsource Legal Data Entry Services with eDataMine

A reputed expert in the field of data management for more than 12 years, eDataMine delivers top-quality, tailored, and cost-effective legal data entry services to a global clientele. We aim to provide satisfactory solutions that streamline legal data management and aid to attain preferred business goals. Your in-house teams no longer have to risk their everyday duties to do the legal data entry and management as our qualified and experienced crew can take care of that, quickly & efficiently.

Equipped with years of experience, legal jargon, and knowledge of the legal complexities, our team can perform data capture, data processing, data entry, data indexing & data organization quite well. Whether you need data entry to be conducted manually or through automated tools, our experts can do both flawlessly. Utilizing the latest OCR and ICR tools, we can capture legal data from complex documents exactly as you require. Conducting strict quality assurance at every step of the data entry procedure, we ensure a perfect database, free of any flaws or data repetition. Thus we provide you with the finest outcomes.

Our client base consists of major law firms, attorneys, and solicitors from across the globe. Being in the field for so long, we take a comprehensive and modernized approach to accurate and secure data management. As a global data entry services provider, we are well aware of the laws and regulations laid out by different countries.

Legal data entry outsourcing isn’t expensive when you partner with us. We offer the best, most affordable, and most competitive rates in the market. The prices can also be customized depending on your requirement, data volume, project scope, and duration. Let us assure you that outsourcing with us will reduce your operational costs by at least 60%. With the right security measures in place, we ensure the complete security and confidentiality of your valuable legal records.

Our comprehensive range of legal data entry services –

Whether you are a company (of any field) requiring legal data entry, an autonomous attorney, or an international law firm, we will help you organize and digitize all your legal data so that it remains readily available whenever you need it.

  • Legal data research services
  • Legal data extraction services
  • Legal data mining services
  • Legal data capture & collection services
  • Legal data entry services
  • Legal book data entry services
  • Legal data management services
  • Legal documents data entry services
  • Legal forms data entry services
  • Litigation forms data entry services
  • Power of attorney forms data entry services
  • Court records data entry services
  • Legal case hearings and proceedings data entry
  • Lawyers documents data entry & processing (of all types)
  • Data entry from/into legal records (printed/handwritten)
  • Contracts/partnerships data entry & processing services
  • Legal insurance claims process data entry
  • Legal accounting & financing data entry
  • Legal documents processing services
  • Legal invoices processing services
  • Legal multilingual documents processing services
  • Legal document OCR, scanning & conversion services
  • Arbitration data entry
  • Sale & purchase data entry
  • Bare act & citation data entry
  • Property related documents data entry services
  • Tenancy contracts data entry
  • Shipping documents data entry services
  • Medical claim papers data entry services
  • Bid bonds data entry services
  • Virtual Assistant for Legal Data Entry

Outsourcing with us gets you

  • Skilled manpower
    We have competent, sincere, & experienced professionals with more than 10+ years of expertise. Utilizing a tailored approach specific to each industry, they provide accurate solutions to industries across the globe.
  • Ability to manage massive work volume
    The team can effortlessly key in, process, and manage bulk data volume as per your requirements. Our capable and experienced data entry experts provide you with fast, accurate, and reliable data entry.
  • Latest technology
    We use advanced data management software & tools to provide you with the best quality outcomes.
  • Cost-effective rates
    Our costs go easy on your pockets. You can save up to 60% on your operational costs, thus increasing profits.

Why should you choose us?

  • Knowledge:
    Our competent experts bring in-depth knowledge & vast operational experience to any project they are entrusted with.
  • Experience:
    More than 12 years of experience serving industries such as eCommerce, education, real estate, legal firms, banking & finances, travel, hospitality & healthcare globally.
  • Tailored Solutions:
    Understanding your requirements, data volume, and data complexity, we come up with specific solutions that align seamlessly with your business goals.
  • 24×7 support:
    We are ready to address any of your queries, concerns, doubts, or feedback whenever you need it. 24×7 customer support is guaranteed from India in any time zone.
  • We Care:
    Outsourcing is one of the most crucial yet most strategic decisions you make- we understand that. We provide the best teams, tools, and techniques to assure you that you have made the right decision by choosing us as your data entry services outsourcing partner.
  • Free trial:
    We provide a free trial for you to check the quality, precision & turnaround time of our services. The free trial also gives us a learning curve and a chance to evaluate ourselves to ensure satisfactory services.

Choose eDataMine for Personalized Legal Data Entry Services

Proper collection, extraction, organization, and digitization of legal data is necessary, and outsourcing legal data entry services to eDataMine will provide exactly that. Partnering with us will save you the time, money, and resources that you would otherwise spend on hiring, training, systems, and infrastructure just for legal data entry work. You also save the money you might end up investing in costly legal software.

Irrespective of the data complexity or data volume, we provide top-quality solutions within a quick turnaround, in your budget. As digitization transforms the bulky files into digital ones, it saves the space that would be occupied by bulky paperwork. Our success in legal data management projects is due to our expert & experienced data professionals who deliver 98% accuracy in all the projects. We are the most trusted name in legal data management as we complete all the data entry projects in a quick as well as cost-effective manner.

Get in touch with us to digitize all of your legal documentation. We will address any of your queries, doubts, and concerns 24×7. While we can convert hard copies into secure digital files, we can efficiently update existing digital files, from the outdated format, to the latest format. Having efficient data management and security systems in place, we ensure the complete security and confidentiality of your valuable legal records.


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