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Revenue Rise for 7 Industries by Outsourcing Data Entry Services

Revenue Rise for 7 Industries by Outsourcing Data Entry Services

In today’s modernized global economy, we all are aware of the fact that business is in a dynamic state due to constant advancements in technology. The frequent change in working dynamics sometimes becomes a hassle for businesses to cope with shifts. Especially when the business deals with a bulk amount of data. As a matter of fact, data is an incredible resource for any industry as it helps to stay at the top of the game, regardless of the type of business. Moreover, business data helps generate a lot of valuable insights for businesses to grow, expand, and thrive in the competitive market. More or less, in a competitive world, most companies fail to understand the importance of data.

Data is only valid when organized and stored in a single database in an understandable format, which is further used for analyzing and generating reports. Moreover, it is only obvious that scattered information can eventually lead to a significant amount of loss. Information in hard copy format can easily be lost, and difficulty storing paper files also requires dedicated space; hence, misplaced pieces of information can lead to erroneous results. Therefore, it is better to digitize the old files via effective online data entry services.

Data entry services are the most effective way of assembling, organizing, categorizing, analyzing, and understanding data in every industry. As one of the most critical functions for better business growth & expansion, it helps classify and transform business data into a digital and organized format. Perfect data entry services let businesses make better decisions, improve efficiency, and increase productivity. However, having an in-house team of data entry experts can be disadvantageous for the firm in multiple aspects. The best and most appropriate alternative is to outsource online data entry services. Let’s understand why.

Why is in-house data entry not a good option for firms?

For starters, any firm has a different set of operations that affects the overall operational efficiency of the business. Furthermore, organizations have other vital roles to play with the utmost focus on the core competencies. Having an in-house data entry team can shift the firm’s vision, resulting in significant losses. Moreover, it can be an added expenditure in a company’s account as it can be extremely costly. The cost of a team, training, salaries, systems, software, and infrastructure— is much higher than one can imagine. In-house data entry teams may deliver poor-quality data, which affects business in countless ways.

According to the research, poor data causes organizations to lose an average of $15 million annually. Flawed data drives poor decision-making, incorrect analysis, and flawed strategy building and drives significant loss in the market, eventually leading to business failure. While outsourcing saves 50-60% on your operational cost & 4% increase in profitability. Businesses worldwide consider data entry outsourcing since it helps minimize operational expenses, save time, and lets employees focus on more critical activities. eDataMine offers extensive data entry services for various industries by a team of professionals and the latest use of technology. Regardless of the size and nature of the business, industries dealing with data require primitive data entry services, helping the firm excel in the field and market. Let’s examine how various industries benefit from outsourcing data entry services.

  • Healthcare – In the medical field, there is always a lot of information regarding patients, doctors, treatments, lab reports, diagnoses, billing, insurance records, admin details, and many more. Such data needs to be digitized and analyzed as it helps to discover health-related trends and overall analysis in the medical sector for public safety. Online data entry outsourcing companies can also help fetch key insights from patients’ medical records. Organized patient data gives doctors a complete view of patients’ well-being, offering more in-depth information than brief in-person visits. Thus, the medical field relies greatly on outsourced healthcare data entry services to enhance its services and improve data management.
  • Real estate – Realtors and real estate firms deal with enormous data such as residential or commercial evaluations, new client databases, client data consolidation, and property & legal documents. All that data needs to be accurately documented and processed to extract meaningful information & make sound business decisions. Partnering with a reliable outsourcing partner for real estate data entry services helps realtors & real estate agents to focus more on the core business. In contrast, the expert data entry professionals take care of the data.
  • Banking & Finance – Banks and financial organizations depend on data entry outsourcing companies to streamline loans, payroll processing, and data entry of new or updated accounts, checks, and other critical financial documents. Outsourcing ensures complete data confidentiality and security. Moreover, the banks can provide excellent services, minimize costs, and save time. Finance data solutions also contribute mainly while doing customer, product, and branch network analytics.
  • Retail & eCommerce – Today, retailers adopt data-driven approaches that ensure profitability. From standard merchants like Walmart to e-commerce giants like Amazon, proper data accumulation, organization, and understanding are crucial to business success. By gaining valuable insights through eCommerce data entry services, online retailers can understand their consumers better, increase operational efficiency, and improve the overall buyer experience.
  • Transport & logistics – Getting product details (quantity, condition, place, time, and consumer) right is what transport & logistics data entry is all about. Data entry outsourcing companies can extensively organize and digitize airway bills, bills of lading, cargo manifests, certificate of origin and CODs, commercial invoices and courtier reports, client satisfaction survey forms, delivery notes and receipts, export folders, and freight bills. Outsourcing online data entry services makes more sense when clients demand better and faster logistics with customized orders and inventory services.
  • Manufacturing – Manufacturing companies have a lot of documentation regarding raw materials, machines, laborers, tax records, contracts, invoices, etc. Outsourcing data entry services ensures perfect quality control. Here’s an example- Acer is a Taiwan-based personal computer manufacturer that helped to strengthen two primary business areas (branding & marketing). The company outsourced the rest of the tasks to experts. This majorly boosted sales and market share.
  • Insurance – Data analysis and customer behavior prediction provide crucial insights into the insurance industry. Accurate data helps insurance companies to set reasonable and precise policy premiums, identify fraudulent claims, and improve marketing efforts. By outsourcing online data entry services, insurance firms can gain access to more effective data analytics tools that can provide an even clearer picture of risks related to individual customers.

Final Say

Industries contribute a lot to the GDP, making them essential to thriving in the competitive market. Altogether, to survive in the vast market, data is a helpful resource that helps to generate valuable insights into the market, streamlines the workflow, enhances the decision-making process, and aids in making an accurate analysis of the market report, ensuring the business operational efficiency. Organizations and nonprofit organizations deal with bulk; this effective use of data can only be harnessed when the information is organized, stored, updated, and maintained digitally with easy access. Hence, data entry for various industries becomes an evident solution for firms to grow and thrive in the rapidly changing market.

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