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What is Word Processing Service?

Word processing services entails rearrangement of already existing word documents in a fresh customized manner so as to increase its appeal. The service enhances the look of the document and hence it is able to catch the eyes of the reader faster.

Be it letters, agreements, inventories, manuals, reports, questionnaires, newsletters, publications, monetary reports & resumes. Presentation is a key factor while preparing any document. Making the documents well-organized and coherent, word processing has risen to be a satisfactory, cost-effective and tailored solution regardless of the size and kind of the business. As it significantly improves document quality and ease of document management in every business, it is one of the most outsourced services today. Understanding and providing to the unique requirements of diverse industries, eDataMine offers tailored, cost-effective and accurate word processing services to clientele across the globe.

What is the Need for Word Processing?

If one was to notice from a marketing point of view, anything that appeals to the eye is a sure hit with the consumers. Same manner, artistically done up documents have become customary for organizations today.

Why Should You Outsource Word Processing Services?

Outsourcing word processing services is a viable option. Instead of spending more time and money on taking up the task in-house, outsourcing it would be a cost-effective option. Moreover, with access to improved means and technology and a professional’s hand at your document, it would prove to be very beneficial.

Your business can outsource word processing services for company annual reports, financial reports, eBooks, forms, manuals, training guides, technical records, research reports, announcements, booklets, statistical charts and all other formats of documentation.

  • The cost is certainly competitive.
  • With professional expertise at your disposal, your documents are definitely going to turn an eye! Data is kept secret. Stringent confidentiality checks are undertaken to ensure the privacy of your data.
  • Save on your employee’s efforts, time and save yourself a huge capital investment. Use the resources elsewhere.
  • Outsourcing a word processing service can certainly save you a lot of time. Now focus on your business and take it surging ahead!

Types of Word Processing Services We Provide,

eDataMine undertakes word document processing in such a professional manner that the output when it reaches you is completely transformed. By changing the layout of the document, we give it a whole new look. We sit through with our client and work out the best possible word processing that the client would appreciate. We try to make the documents look aesthetic. Some MS word processing services apply only present styles to the documents. But at eDataMine, we have custom made styles – the diligent work of our designing professionals who are adept at designing presentations, journals, proposals, etc. The styles are designed in consultation with the clients. Only upon approval, the said design is then implemented.

We Offer the Following Range,

  • MS Word Document
  • Legal Documents
  • Reports Processing
  • Banking Database
  • Forms to Word
  • Healthcare Documents
  • Survey Data Processing
  • Mailing List Maintenance
  • Theses / Research Papers
  • Mail Merge / Mailing Labels
  • Charts / Graphs / Spreadsheets
  • Manuals / Proposals / Bids
  • Booklets Processing Service
  • Historical Documents
  • Technical Documents
  • Statistical Tables
  • Statements Processing
  • Training Guides
  • Publications

Why choose eDataMine to Outsource Word Processing Services?

We at eDataMine are known to provide a host of solutions and services to our clients. Our clients are very happy with our word processing and reformatting layout. To choose us as your trusted partner to outsource word processing services, we cite a few reasons below –

  • We can carry out all your word processing with ease.
  • We understand the importance of time and stick by our delivery schedules.
  • We take extreme pride in our workforce which is aptly trained and qualified in their respective domains.
  • Our service and quality have fetched us the repute that we are proud of. We stand by our commitments in time and quality.
  • Your data is important to you and us. We respect the client’s need to maintain strict security and confidentiality of the data.
  • Our prices are very competitive. Though you may find them a little above the line, in the long run, you are the ultimate gainer.
  • We work in tandem with our clients. At every level, the client is notified about the progress of the project. Any changes thereof are incorporated.
  • We are known for quality and we never compromise on it. To ensure that the output is 100% satisfactory we have quality checks at different levels of the processing of data.

By employing strict security protocols, we guarantee the complete safety of your valuable information. We transfer all information via File Transfer Protocol (FTP), or Virtual Private Network (VPN) – ensuring no data loss. Having extensive experience in the word processing field, we can modify our services to accommodate any business requirements.

At eDataMine, each client is unique and equally important. They all have their distinct requirements. One solution cannot satisfy multiple clients. We work in accordance with the clients and tailor-make our services to suit their requirements. Your modified documents will keep you ahead in the competition.

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