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eDataMine is a leading data management and digitization company that offers its clients an extensive array of services including best-in-class transcription services. We customized to ideally meet the project specifications, including recurring delivery schedules and specialized formatting.
At eDataMine, we help our clients enrich and improve the recorded audio content by transforming them into flawless and highly accurate text files. With our proven record of delivering unsurpassed quality speech-to-text transcription services, we have been able to establish a distinct niche for ourselves. We accept audio files in any format and provide the utmost quality transcription services to deliver the text files perfectly matching the content of the given audios.

“Secure and Simplified Transcription Services for All Your Business Needs”

What We Offer?

We, at eDataMine offer our clients the best transcription services for the projects of any scale. Whether you need to get the complex audio files transcripted, or are seeking a partner for your high-volume business transcription needs, we can provide you top-notch services at highly competitive prices.

Our extensive spectrum of transcription services includes:

  • Multi-speaker Interview Transcription
  • Video and Audio e-Discovery
  • Administrative Transcription
  • Recordings of Conferences & Meetings
  • Dictation by Business Professionals
  • Document Translation
  • Conference and Event Transcription
  • Confidential Transcription
  • Transcription Studies for Research and Study
  • Legal Transcription
  • Academic Transcription
  • HR Interviews and Claims, and much more.

Specialized Transcription Services for Varying Requirements

Our high-quality specialized transcripts are developed by our experienced and highly-trained professionals who assure accuracy and efficiency in the projects. With an automated and secure workflow and a team of professional transcriptionists, we develop client-specific delivery plans to meet the deadlines pre-set by clients.
We ensure highest confidentiality in our work and deploy the most advanced encryption methodologies to secure your data while transferring it through the internet. We use the most secure servers and cloud hosts to save the data, and make it easily accessible to you.

Why Choose Us?

At eDataMine, we offer our clients the most outstanding service delivery for the transcription projects and are among the most reliable companies which are trusted to Outsource Data Processing Services USA by a broad clientele.
Our experienced and expert professionals possess a highly tuned ear for transcribing even the most intricate recordings. With an exceptional command over the English language, our transcriptionists assure the best results within the fastest turnaround times. We fully indulge in researching the Industry specific terminology before proceeding with the transcription to ensure accuracy throughout the transcript files.
We use the most advanced technology tools to carry out the multifaceted review process comprising of multiple level reviews. We guarantee optimum accuracy and are always open to redo the work or make the required changes in the event of any errors. We also leverage the latest speech recognition algorithms which enhance the accuracy and help us in providing completely correct transcripts. Our best-in-class transcription services are highly flexible and we can deliver the best solutions for the projects varying in complexities.

With So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to begin your journey towards the top of the ladder.


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