Industries We Provide Solutions

As the technology is advancing the need to digitalized oneself is growing day by day. All the major industries have started taking necessary steps to digitalize them. We at eDataMine tend to offer the data digitization and document management services to almost all the major industries. Some of them are listed below.


With changes in technology, different sections of different industries adapted newer and advanced methods of doing business as per the needs of their consumers. Different sections pertaining to education business also adopted fresh methods to reach respective population across the globe. Availability of internet allows the customers to access online database of educational sites and through mobile applications provided by such e-Learning service providers allow the customers to access core data through their smart phones from anywhere across the world.


With number of opportunities available for large financial institutions and banks in market, the burden of tedious day to day routine operational activities is becoming obstacle for these organizations now. By outsourcing the back office routine work to eDataMine our clients have option to minimize their risk with our reliable time bound commitments and thorough technical knowledge supporting their businesses to grow.

Energy Utilities

We share futuristic idea of energy landscapes by providing secure, dependable and approachable landscapes that enable us to provide services according to the business requirements of the organization through influential and robust engineering outputs. Through enterprise resource planning for energy and utility companies we provide services with latest technology which helps to make crucial changes in their businesses.


Today medical issues are increasing day by day and more and more people are seeking for proper medical facilities, it is very crucial to provide them healthy medical environment. One solution for ensuring that the implemented systems are working properly is to outsource the non-core work, so that main objective of the taking care of patients remains in priority. Outsourcing to eDataMine means obtaining the services by qualified and skilled staff members. Every team member is expert in their respective scope of work and services. Their valuable experience enables them to provide specific transcriptions services according to the requirement of the client.

Retail & E-Commerce

Retail industry is one of the fastest growing sectors today. Every moment there are number of opportunities and challenges are prospering, it depends on the organization how it is going to take that situation (i.e. as opportunity or as threat). Our team of experts and professionals are available to provide customized back-office operational management and creative marketing designs for existing and new customers. Our methods and services are as per the latest trends running into retail industry.


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