Data is at the heart of any industry today. Utilizing it rightly can spell success for businesses in ways more than one. We live in an era where organizations are equipped with a lot of business software platforms that gathers massive data within seconds. Plus industries these days produce a lot of data than before. While the paperwork (contracts, consolidations, finances, invoices, technology, employees, products, manufacturing, promotion, markets, infrastructure & clients) gather data, every software, web portal, and application also develops & collects crucial information. Such massive data volumes of various kinds demand a set of practices and expertise to manage each dataset. That’s when data management steps in. The process is quite tricky and complex. If done right, it can bring success, but if done wrong, it can cause more problems for the company.

What is Data Management?

It is a combination of all disciplines related to gathering, organizing, verifying, processing, storing, securing, and managing important data as a valuable asset while also making it available to your organization. The process ensures that the data remain integrated & beneficial. More importantly, perfect data management paves the way for definite data analytics. Efficient data analytics improves the business processes, by pinpointing gaps and growth opportunities. So, without a good data management plan, data analysis is of no use.

Conducting the data management process in-house is not feasible for many firms due to time and cost constraints. Also, the in-house team wouldn’t have the needed skill when it comes to error-prone tasks such as data cleansing, modification, integration, analysis, and database enrichment. And the lack of required technology makes it tough to drive the essential insights from the databases. To harness the benefits of data management, it’s best to be outsourced to a firm that can do the task carefully, cost-effectively, and within a quick turnaround time. Outsourcing data management services to a reputed and experienced firm reduces the risks of poor-quality data while enhancing operational efficiency.

Being in the field since 2009, eDataMine is your trusted data management outsourcing partner. We provide the finest quality data management services, at the best market rates, tailored to your business needs. Utilizing cutting-edge technological tools and years of experience, our talented data management professionals deliver solutions to a global clientele. Our solutions comprise Data Entry Services (online and offline), OCR data entry, data capture, data processing, data conversion, scanning, indexing, document management, and web research services. Bank on us for accomplishing the most complex data management projects competently, irrespective of the data volume or data complexity. Strict quality checks are conducted by our quality analysts at every step to ensure the complete accuracy of the output. Through NDAs, SLAs, and other strict security measures in place, we ensure that your data remains secure and confidential just as you need. Being a trusted data management services provider, we adhere to the global standards, while maintaining the highest data security and confidentiality standards.

Our Data Management Services include,

Data collection

This is a process in which our experts gather, measure, and analyze accurate data from a variety of confirmed sources. The data helps to analyze the existing business methodologies, quickly pinpoint problems/gaps in the management, evaluate output, and predict trends, while powering better decision-making, policy-making, and strategic business planning.

Data cleansing, enrichment & standardization

Data is of no use if it isn’t consistent and refined. The data experts at eDataMine cleanse & enrich the data by identifying & removing inaccurate, irrelevant, and incomplete data and replacing/modifying it properly. Our data standardization processes transform the data into a format of the client’s choice. With these procedures, we provide you the insights that will boost your business efficiency, and power better business decisions. Plus, the data access and transfer become easier across departments, locations, and time zones.

Scanning & Indexing services

Our scanning & indexing solutions let businesses organize, maintain, and archive important documents and make it easier to retrieve essential data quickly. Be it files, contracts, legal records, sales & purchase documents, inventory, or any other document, our data management specialists can index them exactly as you need. The scanned & indexed documents will be merged smoothly with your digital databases. Outsourcing data management services with us will get you the best technology, expertise and a massive volume of documents scanned quickly with precision.

List building services

We gather the required email addresses to grow your mailing list while keeping your database updated & relevant. Skilled data experts at eDataMine can extract necessary details from various sources & compile them in the required formats. Getting better insights into the business will let you shape your company the way you visualise.

Data abstraction

In other words, this is the simplification of the data. Our data experts carefully remove redundant parts of the data to maintain it only around the important points. By implementing data abstraction, we bring the data into a more useful format. Plus we ensure that the data complexity gets reduced, making it easier for everyone to understand.

Data analytics services

Utilizing a combination of skill and specialized software, the experts can efficiently analyze the massive datasets to find trends & draw conclusions that enable you to embrace the latest business trends and gain a competitive edge over the others. Accurate analytics boost revenue, enhance efficiency, refine marketing campaigns, and support client service steps. Thus helping you to take your business to a new level altogether.

Outsourcing with us gets you

• Skilled manpower

We have competent, sincere, & experienced professionals with more than 10+ years of expertise. Utilizing a tailored approach specific to each industry, they provide accurate solutions to industries across the globe.

• Ability to manage massive work volume

The team can effortlessly key in, process, and manage bulk data volume as per your requirements. Our capable and experienced data entry experts provide you with fast, accurate, and reliable data entry.

• Latest technology

We use advanced data management software & tools to provide you with the best quality outcomes.

• Cost-effective rates

Our costs go easy on your pockets. You can save up to 60% on your operational costs, thus increasing profits.

Why should you choose us?

Knowledge:  Our competent experts bring in-depth knowledge & vast operational experience to any project they are entrusted with.

Experience:  More than 12 years of experience serving industries such as eCommerce, education, real estate, legal firms, banking & finances, travel, hospitality & healthcare globally.

Tailored Solutions:  Understanding your requirements, data volume, and data complexity, we come up with specific solutions that align seamlessly with your business goals.

24×7 support:  We are ready to address any of your queries, concerns, doubts, or feedback whenever you need it. 24×7 customer support is guaranteed from India in any time zone.

We Care:  Outsourcing is one of the most crucial yet most strategic decisions you make- we understand that. We provide the best teams, tools, and techniques to assure you that you have made the right decision by choosing us as your data entry services outsourcing partner.

Free trial:  We provide a free trial for you to check the quality, precision & turnaround time of our services. The free trial also gives us a learning curve and a chance to evaluate ourselves to ensure satisfactory services.




  1. Does outsourcing data management will be helpful for developing data-driven marketing strategy?

    Yes, it does. The marketing department deals various with CRM systems, marketing technology systems, and data warehouse systems. Outsourcing data management services ensure you the output that helps you develop a perfect marketing strategy.
  2. Why should I outsource with you?

    Being in the field for more than 12 years, eDataMine provides the required knowledge and technology to address your data management concerns. Our experts will provide you with customized & cost-effective solutions, without jeopardizing the quality and within a quick turnaround time. Through end-to-end solutions, we ensure improved efficiency in your organization. Client satisfaction through perfect outcomes has been our goal.
  3. What is your pricing structure?

    Count on us for the best pricing structure in the outsourcing field. We charge man to month (price depending on the manpower you hire), per hour (price on the hourly basis), and per-project basis. We also customize prices depending on the contract term, project complexity, technologies used, and the required skill and experience of the expert. An actual quote would be given once we read your exact requirements.


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