Resume Processing Services

Resume is a document of generally of one or two pages in size reflecting the experience, skills or unique expertise of any individual. The format or pattern along with the content depends upon the purpose for which such resume is structured. It may vary from individual to individual or industry to industry.

It can be designed or structured with different layouts, presentations and other different formats such as Reverse chronological format(used for reflecting experience of candidate), on Functional basis (used for reflecting specific skills or features required for the job) or on Hybrid format (used generally for representation in media or creative industries).

Being qualified for any particular job is necessary, but it is even more important to represent those qualifications in proper manner or format to get that job.

With increasing opportunities to work in different industries of different sectors, numbers of candidates applying for those vacancies are also increasing. Only those candidates go through selection processes, which represent their skills, qualifications and experience required for job in better manner.

It is very important to use proper font sizes and styles, highlighting specific information and appropriate heads according to the content of resume. eDataMine is one of the leading companies in India, engaged in providing effective resume processing services and resume formatting services from more than a decade.

Providing reasonable and cost effective services with time bound submissions to our clients remains our only goal with each and every project we deliver. The team here at company takes into consideration every aspect to design the resume of the client in as meticulous manner as possible.

Why Choose eDataMine ?

eDataMine believes is providing unique and individual resume processing and resume formatting services customized to the needs of the recruiting companies to allow the company executives dedicate worthy time on candidate interview and clients.
Every staff member associated with eDataMine is determined towards providing the services of Six-Sigma level. At our organization emphasis is laid on privacy of the client’s data and perfection along with the respective content.

Services Provided in eDataMine Includes

  • Formatting font styles and sizes
  • Laying emphasis on specific information
  • Placement of information under most fitting headers
  • Consistent quality
  • Timely service delivery & cost effectiveness

We promise a resume that will get you the dream job you have always wanted. Inquire now for an impeccable CV.


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