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Needless to say that any business is incomplete without documents. Every industry generates documents, such as annual reports, minutes of the meetings, memos, invoices, receipts, surveys, business contracts, agreements, and many more. We all agree that it is crucial to securely organize and store the documents in an accurate, regulated, uniform, and convenient format. Consistent business growth will also add to your stack of documents. Now managing those ever-increasing documents, obtaining valuable information from them, and building a robust database is quite overwhelming.

Hassles of performing data entry on your own

If you plan to do it in-house, chances are that the energy and precious time of your employees will get wasted on this relatively less important task. With their time and creativity entirely focused elsewhere, you will lose the grip on your core business. And even then, you might end up with an outcome only unfavourable to you. At that point, outsourcing document data entry projects to an expert is a sensible solution. Offering a comprehensive array of document data entry services at competitive rates, we are your trusted and reliable document data entry partner. We provide easy access to pertinent information by carefully keying in the details in a preferred file format.

Why does your business need to outsource document data entry services?

Physical copies are hard to maintain. Also, they take up a lot of space in cupboards and require regular maintenance and cleaning. If not maintained properly documents lose their life within a year or two. But when you digitize documents, your database remains far more harmonious. The life of data gets enhanced with a systematic electronic format and, it becomes easily accessible and useable. Digitized documents are easier to save and carry almost anywhere. People from different locations can access the files simultaneously. Overall, the data value is optimized hence multiple business strategies can be derived from it. And more importantly, the chances of physical damage are eliminated.

Range of data entry services we offer-

  • PDF documents data entry
  • Printed document data entry
  • Company reports data entry
  • Business contracts data entry
  • Legal documents data entry
  • Invoice and accounting bills data entry
  • Property-related documents data entry
  • Medical reports and documents data entry
  • Medical reports data entry
  • Manuscripts and transcripts data entry
  • Directories data entry
  • Media recordings data entry
  • Project reports data entry
  • Public records data entry
  • Registration forms data entry
  • Law enforcement reports data entry
  • Survey document data entry
  • Program enrollment forms data entry
  • Product and warranty registration data entry
  • Transcripts data entry data entry
  • Government files data entry
  • Media recordings data entry
  • Accounting bills data entry
  • Project documents data entry
  • Project reports data entry
  • Manuscripts data entry
  • Directories data entry
  • Invoice data entry
  • Insurance claims data entry
  • Credit card applications data entry
  • Shipping paperwork data entry

What’s the eDataMine advantage?

Having spent more than 13 years in the field, our tailored document data entry services meet the requirements of diverse fields globally. We offer you a team that’s sincere, accurate, and committed to their jobs. Having catered to fields like healthcare, travel, hospitality, insurance, and logistics, let us assure you that the best people in the field are taking care of your project. We are equipped with all the right tools such as high-end servers, the latest software, and systems to ensure an accurate output within a quick turnaround. Count on us for complete data security and confidentiality. All the procedures are closely watched and verified for accuracy and quality before being sent to the client.

Aiming for utmost quality and on-time delivery, we have gained an edge over our competitors. With top-quality data entry services, we help our clients to reduce their operational costs significantly. We deliver the best outcome not just to satisfy client expectations but to exceed them in terms of quality, price, turnaround, and security.

Don’t wait. Begin a journey towards success by outsourcing our data entry services. Choose eDataMine as your trusted partner to outsource document data entry services. For a free trial or any queries, kindly get in touch with us at info@edatamine.com


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