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By : eDataMine Tech - 18-08-2021
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Be it social media, hoardings, brochures, websites, promotional campaigns, pamphlets – there’s always this one impressive element that you notice the most. Images. Images are the most fundamental part of any field today. They play a crucial role in guiding the consumers about the features of the product or service that they will buy. Therefore, Image processing outsourcing has achieved prominence across the globe. The majority of businesses need trustworthy processing solutions to turn the image into digitized formats. Professional image processing services help industries convert their products into a professional catalogue that can be placed over any digital platform.

By outsourcing, you save your time and money, your digital image database gets organized, image clarity gets enhanced and business operations get streamlined quite cost-effectively. With a professional image processing company like eDataMine, you will always find a talented team, high-end software, and suitable infrastructure to manage the large data volume of a global clientele. Our processing solutions transform your images into professional ones, ready to use in catalogues, marketing, advertising, branding campaigns and so much more.

Take a Look at the Range of Services,

Offering comprehensive and cost-effective solutions, we empower our clientele to improve their image data management and daily business operations.

Image Processing
We combine images, obtain the data from them and turn them into your preferred format or with the most appropriate format (JPEG, PNG, PDF, GIF, TIFF, and PSD). While doing that, we make sure of no loss of image quality or information. Thus we make way for a flawless, accurate and organized outcome that will easily blend with your intended usage.

Image Scanning
Implementing the right blend of manual data entry, OCR, barcode indexing and ICR, we perform image processing. Once completed, we file each record with absolute accuracy. We constantly run quality checks to avoid any sort of errors. We use the most advanced scanners to do image digitization. Our experts are well-trained in handling flatbed, hand-held as well as overhead scanners to guarantee tailored outcomes within a quick turnaround time.

The images cannot be stored as it is in any database. To make them more useful and easily retrievable, they have to be properly labelled and arranged in an order. Our experts ensure that each image is labelled and indexed for easy retrieval and refined usability. We tag the photos with pre-defined standards and appropriate keywords like date, subject, author as per your specifications. We also offer feature removal/replacement, object identification, and footnotes attachment if required.

Database Management
While digitizing and indexing image data, we also offer complete digital data management. We take up database creation, control, cleansing and analysis ensuring high-quality data maintenance and management for your images. Our databases facilitate smooth & quick data access and retrieval. Through strict quality checks, we remove the data that’s repetitious, misleading and vague.

Why Does Your Business Need Image Processing?

An attractive and engaging visual is a smart way to showcase the products and the services at their very best. Image processing helps to extract crucial information out of images. Whether to retrieve data from the images or to enhance images, image processing services can be utilized across various industries.

Partner with Us for The Following,

Advanced Image Manipulation
We change the image intensity, adjust/edit/remove image texture and features. We crop, edit, touch up, adjust colors in the images as required. The pictures are transformed into a more useful and system-friendly format at modest rates.

Most Advanced Technologies
Keeping up with the changing times, we utilize advanced software such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Quark to process the images. Our blend of modern technology and skilled resources will surely help you achieve an edge over your competitors.

Assured Data Security and Privacy
Complete data security and privacy is always assured from our end. By implementing strict security measures, we make sure of no data breach, data loss or data misuse. Only authorized personnel gets access to password-protected servers and databases.

Regular Quality Checks
Will any outcome be beneficial if it doesn’t have good quality? Our quality check process ensures that the work delivered is truly flawless and reliable.

24*7 Availability
If you have any queries, questions or doubts, feel free to contact us anytime and we will give you solutions to your satisfaction. We always strive to exceed expectations and deliver results that help you achieve desired success.

We will Be Your Perfect Image Processing Outsourcing Partner

Client satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We understand your requirements and tailor our solutions suitably. With expert support from us, image processing, tagging, and data retrieval become a profitable process. Discuss your requirements with us and know to get the most benefit via image processing services.

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