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5 Key Qualities that Make India the Best Offshore Outsourcing Destination

By : eDataMine - 09-12-2021
India the Best Offshore Outsourcing

Peter Drucker, A Management Consultant (or better called a Business Philosopher) once said-
Do What You Do Best & Outsource The Rest.

Outsourcing- A Brief Background

Outsourcing means getting the business tasks completed outside your in-house infrastructure. It is outsourcing when you hire remote data entry operators, freelance experts, or get your entire project completed at some offshore location. The trend began in the 1950s & 60s when the demand for diversification was at its peak. Companies started thinking about expanding their bases and leveraging economies of scale. The main purpose was to identify the processes that can be done in-house and the ones that need to be outsourced. After 1989, it became an official business strategy as businesses realised that they can get useful solutions and support while saving up hugely. Cost-benefits became the major reason why outsourcing become a part of global organisations, start-ups, mid-sized companies. These days a strategic partnership between the two businesses to get the best outcome is a popular business norm. You can get a team of skilled professionals to work on the data projects by partnering with top data management companies.

India, A Veteran & Evident industry leader in the Field

Over the years, India has become the ideal outsourcing destination for businesses planning to move their operational processes outside. Outsourcing with India has plenty of benefits– expense advantages and a large IT talent pool are just two! Even though facing stiff competition from China, the Philippines, Ireland, and Mexico, India still is a top-ranking destination.

A survey shows that 80% of corporations in Europe and the US prefer India over any other country for their outsourcing requirement.

In 2020, a pandemic prompted more & more corporations to outsource to India. It became their sole way to ensure business continuation.

What’s the difference between Outsourcing and Offshore Outsourcing (Offshoring)?

In outsourcing, you move the internal operations to a third-party organisation in your country. Offshoring means moving your business processes or services to another country. Outsourcing is contracting while offshoring is transferring the tasks altogether to data management companies in another country. If you are looking for a trustworthy & cost-effective data management services company, let us discuss the key factors as to why offshore outsourcing to India can be your best bet.

Cost Savings

One of the major reasons why India leads the field. With the competition in business getting fierce each day, companies are seeking ways to increase their profit margin while cutting costs. Compare the costs of hiring a team- salaries, equipment, infrastructure, technology & many other in-house facilities, you will end up with an amount that will be beyond your given budget. That’s exactly where outsourcing benefits you. By outsourcing data management services to India, businesses can achieve significant cost savings. Such flexibility allows firms to thoughtfully plan their budgets & reap soaring revenues.

Extensive Talent Pool in The World

India boasts of a large pool of well-educated, highly motivated, competent & prolific workforce along with being the largest English speaking nation in the world. Apart from a huge number of professionals and fluency in the English language, the quality of services draws global corporations to outsource. Leading data management organisations in India are equipped with the talented & scalable personnel. So, when a company decide to outsource, the tasks are taken care of exactly as the organisation anticipates.

Quality Solutions

Global corporations might pick India to save costs but they stay for the speed and quality. Yes, cost-saving is the decisive factor for offshore outsourcing to India but the speed & consistency of high-quality solutions provided by Indian data entry firms has also empowered India to continue as the top offshore outsourcing destination.

Advanced Technology & Infrastructure

State-of-the-art infrastructure & the latest software stack is what Indian outsourcing firms offer. Irrespective of the field, nature or complexity of work, clients are offered the latest and best in technology & customized solutions for data entry services, data processing services, data conversion services, image recognition services, scanning-indexing services & web research services. The valuable data is protected using high end & password-protected databases.

Supportive Indian Government & Facilitative Government Policies

India has a stable and more importantly a pro-IT Government. Along with enacting an information technology act, the government has formulated various policies and provided tax benefits to gain maximum advantage from IT outsourcing to India. The information technology act recognises electronic contracts, bars cybercrime, and supports the e-filing of records. Plus, Indian policies on the economy, GDP growth, tax, energy, telecom, industrial parks and special zones have majorly enhanced infrastructure & communication methods.

From offering cost savings and the best talent to superior quality standards and a quick turnaround, India is rightly the top-ranking offshore outsourcing hub for back-office operations. Being a leading data management & web research outsourcing company in India for over a decade, eDataMine offers a wide range of services including Data Entry, Data Processing, Data Conversion, Web Research, Scanning- Indexing & Image Recognition services. We ensure to provide customisable, top quality, cost-effective & more importantly satisfactory solutions. To get a free trial, please write to us- info@edatamine.com


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