eBook Data Entry Services
Each day, technology brings more and more dynamic methods and solutions into our workspaces and e-book data entry service is one more addition to the same. An e-book is a modern supplement to the traditional counterpart – hardbound, printed book. At eDataMine we convert any type of content including Brochures, Catalogs, Magazines, Journals, Research documents, White papers and Ledgers into a perfect eBook. Converting contents into e-books help you get rid of the unwanted paper in your office that occupies acres of shelf space. The e-books once converted can be stored onto a CD and distributed in the same manner. This has indeed revolutionized the publishing industry due to the compressed size and speed that it offers.

eDataMine’s e-book data entry service –

Our e-book data entry service includes conversion of content from both sources – electronic or paper. While our professionals take input from hardbound books, they take care that the images are also incorporated appropriately in the electronic counterpart.

Our e-book data entry work flow includes the following processes –

We provide our clients with some of the best user-friendly methods of uploading and downloading input and output data respectively. Once your e-book is completed, we can deliver the soft version of the same on a CD or can upload on a FTP server from where you can download the same.

What are the benefits of associating with us?

By engaging our e-book data entry service we help you in enhancing the usability of your book. By converting your documents, brochures, catalogs, books into e-book, you can customize it as per your requirements and it offers ease of usage too. Without any geographical hindrance you can access your e-book from your mobile, laptop or notebook too!
Projects at eDataMine are handled by trained professionals. Also by teaming with us you have an opportunity to access superior technology. By leveraging the finest mix of professional manpower with technology, you can be assured that your results would be high above your expectations.
Quality assurance is 100% guaranteed as during the work process as well as post completion, the entire project is scrutinized at regular intervals by proof readers, editors who check for missing data as well grammatical and contextual errors.
eDataMine can take to create e-book from any input as provided by the client – PDF, printed books, scanned book, etc. As per the clients’ requirements we can convert the input into e-book formats as HTML, FrameMaker, etc.
Through a series of discussions with our clients we understand their vision and seek to develop end-to-end solutions for them. Our dedication and commitment to the job testifies the massive database of clients that we have built up.