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3 Ways To Hire A Top Quality Data Entry Team

By : eDataMine - 30/10/2015
Hire Expert & Quality Data Entry Team

Businesses of today are moving at a frantic pace and accumulating plenty of data along the way. Without finding out a way to enter, manage and organize your data, your company can be left with piles of data that is unused, disorganized and from which you cannot base your decisions. This is where hiring a competent data entry team can help. But how do you choose the right data management team for your company?

Here are top three qualities that you would need to look out for while outsourcing data entry:

Accurate Data Entry :

Since data entry is a process that needs to be 100% accurate, ensure that the team you hire is capable of delivering top-notch data entry services, in terms of accuracy. Set up a meeting with the team and find out more about their way of working. Do they enter data late at night? Is the workplace equipped with good quality computers? Are they well-versed in English? Such factors can have an impact on the quality level of the data entry team. Do take time off to ask questions and check the quality assurance process of the data entry service provider. Finally, do not hurry into engaging a data entry team, but take time in hiring a team who can assure you of accurate services.

Fast Turnaround Time :

While accurate data is vital, many businesses also require their data to be entered quickly, so that is can be processed on time. This is why you will need to check the turnaround time of a data entry team before you hire them. Find out about their record and counter check if the claims made on their website is correct. Another thing to do, would be evaluate your project and get a realistic expectation of the turnaround time. Before you make assumptions about the service provider, you must try to find out their limitations. Do the data entry operators work on shifts? Is the company working on a time zone that is different from yours? What does the company promise if they fail to meet your deadline? Asking such questions can help you decipher if the data entry team can compile by your timeline.

The Cost Factor :

There is a false notion that the most expensive data entry vendors are the best. This is not necessarily true. Do not assume that if you pay more, you will better quality services and if you pay less, you will avail poor quality services. Set aside some time to carefully explore a range of data entry companies, the services offered and their rates. You could request for a trial from a handful of companies and find out which one is meeting your needs effectively. Remember to pay attention to how the data entry company bills you. You can also find out how much the data entry operators are being paid on an hourly basis. You can always negotiate about the price, but stay realistic about your requirements and agree on a price that suits you and the data entry company.

Getting started with data entry outsourcing Since there are a plethora of data entry companies, you would need to take some time to carefully choose the data entry team who will be handling your data. Select a company that best suits your requirements, can meet your deadlines and whose pricing structure fits your budget. To get the best out of your data entry partnership, you will also need to cultivate a good working relationship through regular communication. Paying attention to such details can ensure that your data entry needs are fulfilled.

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