Data Cleansing Services

Reduce Your Marketing Costs and Augment the ROI with Our Data Cleansing Services

Data is one of the most vital assets that an organization possesses in this day and age. The data can be used in multifaceted ways, such as, for increasing the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns, to derive useful insights about customer behaviour, to enhance the performance of employees and much more. However, it requires data to be available in the right format and in the most up-to-date form to get the optimum benefits from data.
To provide the data in the most ideal manner, we, at Edatamine offer high quality Data Cleansing and data formatting services which include migration, merging, de-duplication, rebuilding, normalization, standardisation, enriching, validating and appending the missing data. We clean the data in every possible manner and allow you to use it in the most productive manner.

What is Data Cleansing?

As the sources of the data are increasing and organizations have started accumulating data from a variety of online sources such as social media, the collected information may become distorted or replicated.
Owing to the collection of data from distinct sources, in the different formats and even the collection of the communication data, makes it very difficult to understand.

The benefits of data cleansing services include:

Our Data Cleansing Services

The data cleansing involves the detection & correction of errors in the data while eliminating the data inconsistencies from the data in order to improve its quality. We don't just clean your data, but ensure uniformity across the different data sets which have been merged together from the diverse sources. Our data cleansing services include:

Why Choose Us?

Data cleansing is critical for maximizing the value of the prospects and customers. We understand that data starts decaying gradually, and duplications & inconsistency in data can become a reason for the errors in business decisions, analysis and reporting.
We, at Edatamine provide the best data cleansing services to keep our clients on the top of their customer records, which is paramount for achieving success in the marketing campaigns and ensure that extra resources or money is not wasted for sending online and offline marketing messages to the inaccurate data. Over the years, we hav developed complex matching routines and efficient algorithms which ensure complete “cleanse” of your data. We help our clients get the optimum benefits from their data, while enhancing the effectiveness of the available information.
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