Survey Processing Services

How can surveys be useful to any business?

Surveys are a method of collecting information from a group of individuals. They may hold manifold purposes. It could be got as a feedback for a product or service. It may even be conducted by a business concern to get a feedback about the introduction of a product in the market. Conducting surveys helps the organization gauge the strengths and weaknesses of the market. Hence enables them to improve upon their strategies.

Why should you outsource survey processing services?

A team of professionals conducts your surveys and help you to analyze the impact of your strategy. Hence, you have better management competence and are able to plan your next step in marketing. Professional services tend to increase your revenue through their excellent service guarantee.
Merely conducting surveys is not enough. Processing the information got through the survey by way tactful methodology and skilled workforce ensures accurate results. It helps improve your business productivity and brings in more revenues. Besides, it also advises on areas where you need to improve upon for your business process and returns.

eDataMine’s Survey Processing Services

eDataMine offers a completely automated survey processing environment. There are tools available online which may guide you through the process, but in-depth analysis, market needs, consumer reviews, etc. cannot be accessed. Our workforce possesses an uncanny ability to identify core issues that are causing hindrance to your business and also helps resolve them.

eDataMine’s Survey Processing workflow –

Our survey processing services follow a streamlined workflow which revolves around state-of-art technology and a committed team of skilled professionals. We follow a 3-fold approach for survey processing –
  • Design – Our team of professionals understands your business process and devises the best possible survey form or questionnaire.
  • Setup – Our experts plan the information gathering methods. Polls, meetings, gatherings, interviews, etc. they decide what strategy can work best for your company.
  • Analysis – This is the major part of the entire process. Valuable suggestions are given to according to the results that are acquired through the surveys.
  • Report – The first step here is a collection of data from the participants. Next, digitizing the information received using Intelligent Character Recognition [ICR], Optical Character Recognition [OCR], Optical Mark Recognition [OMR] techniques. Lastly is the tabulation and preparation of reports and statistics on the basis of the information that is received.

Choose eDataMine to outsource Survey Processing Services –

Outsourcing Survey processing requires the services of a partner who will work best for your brand / product / service. Also, it should ensure that all the business goals are adequately met.
eDataMine brings in expertise in the world of outsourcing Survey Processing. Here is how –