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Outsource Data Entry Services to Experts

By : eDataMine Tech - 19-02-2022
Outsourcing Data Entry Services to Experts

The most common query every business supremes get into some extended level. And you have that question is when! No Problem- Let’s know about it…..

After adding the input as time, resources, superiors, capital, other operational costs and in return outcome! is mistaken data with a lack of work accuracy. At this point, a company can think to outsource data entry services. Let’s understand the scope of outsourcing data entry services to experts.

Why should you Outsource Data Entry Services:

There are collective courses of action when a company thinks to outsource its data entry work. With the intent of a low investing plan, excess to skilled experts and work efficiency are of them. Also, the companies have options while choosing a wise outsourcing partner between local or offshore service providers. But genuinely, preferring a local firm as benefits are less compared to an offshore company. Now let’s discuss a few advantages of offshore outsourcing data entry services are:

Skilled Experts: Skilled experts are flexible to understand the needs, communication, professionalism, and it can be only is possible offshore. India is like the country that stands on top for its skills, client satisfaction and discipline management.

Reasonable Cost: When you outsource your work to an offshore company in India, the cost of your outsourcing services reduces 60% compared to in-house. As the labour cost in India is low compared to other countries.

Quality: A service provider promising no negotiation on quality, accuracy and satisfaction at a time of outsourcing will give the best returns on the outcomes. India stands foremost for its commitment to the best quality and all at the best competitive cost in the market.

Accuracy: Work accuracy is a key factor in outsourcing services as it balances the time and money as same on cost, also it comes from years of experience in the field. Hiring the expert’s- man on a month, hourly, or project basis, spend their service time for the activities you care about! in return outcomes you receive on a cost and hourly basis.

Why prefer eDataMine

Why prefer eDataMine to an Expert:

Selecting the best service provider is a prime task for an investor. There are rational criteria that need to look up as per the need and productivity boost to business. eDataMine is a leading data management service provider in the outsourcing field. Our services are most proficient and reliable as per the client’s desire. With more than 200 professional experts, our achievements are countless. We provide data entry services like:

Online Data Entry
Image Data Entry
Invoice Data Entry
Real Estate Data Entry
Insurance Data Entry
Mortgage Data Entry
Logistics Data Entry
Medical Data Entry
Healthcare Data Entry
Product Data Entry
Excel Data Entry
Offline Data Entry

The few known KIP’s we are standing for in the field have enlisted below:

Quality Outcomes:
Before trusting a service provider for quality outcomes, it is more important to check for experience and proper exposure in the field with similar work. eDataMine has a versatile and dedicated team for each service they outsource.

Turnaround Time:
Turnaround time plays a vital role whilst calculating the good outcomes from the service provider. A timeframe with quality work gives the best return on your investment. eDataMine defines the timeframe and quality before starting the project. As we make a written NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) between both parties with details on project requirements and deadlines. For more, you can demo our free trial service.

Accurate Data:
Accurate data helps businesses with decision making, campaigns to drive the correct leads, customer satisfaction, business productivity and other critical parts. eDataMine has a forte of providing 99.99% error-free data within the committed time frame and at a very competitive cost in the market.

Skills defined with both qualities and accuracy for getting the superior output. eDataMine always delivers outcome before the deadline and have a record of maintaining timeframe bound work.

Double Check Output Quality:
Best teamwork is possible with the best team leaders. eDataMine have dedicated superiors for each team working diversity services. These procedures ensure the double quality checks of the outcome.

No Client Communication Barriers:
eDataMine have a middle management setup that continuously maintains communication with a client on ongoing projects and post-project. A team regularly takes feedback through an online chat, middle man or a support team for ongoing projects.

Data Security & Privacy:
The most secure and considerate benefits from outsourcing are data security and privacy. At the time of data collaboration, eDataMine assigned an NDA agreement between both parties to keep the data secure and private. Please note the agreement accompanied by “Liability Insurance” too.

Work Transparency & Adaptability:
Work transparency and ethics are among the core forte for eDataMine. Loyalty, honesty with commitments is always a priority for us. We are flexible towards our client’s requirements, whether with timeframe or productivity. eDataMine provides a complimentary test run on a sample that determines the mandate towards satisfaction and competent growth.

Conclusion: Outsource your data entry task to work on your core business activities. The thing to do is find an offshore outsourcing partner with expertise in the field of data entry. Also, accomplished to provide accurate, quality, efficient, and cost-effective outcomes. An approach saves time, money, resources, and many other operational costs. Collaborate with us for quotation email at info@edatamine.com

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