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Outsource Data Entry Services to Experts

By : eDataMine - 01/12/2017
Outsourcing Data Entry Services to Experts

An entire experience of 8 years and above has contributed wholly in augmenting our expert eDataMine team; team is always on toes with their impeccable and flawless work that always count upon getting voluminous praising and appreciation from our clients. eDataMine team has got expert and dedicated teams for varied Data Entry Services like;


There are multiple options when a company thinks for outsourcing its non-core data entry work, there are two options, either it can outsource to a local service provider or consider an offshore company. The benefits you get on preferring local firm are very minute as compared to what you may get from an offshore company. Let us discuss a few;

  • SUPERVISING CONTROL  Different Company will have its own standard lines of Managerial or Administrative Control; one of the prime element in best supervising is the criteria you follow for motivating your team and at regular time span too. India is one such country that stands on top for their skill in Impulse, Client Satisfaction and Control Management.
  • EMPLOYMENT COST  Any big or small company would want to minimise its expense whilst getting best production from their team. This is only possible when you outsource your work to an offshore company and specifically based in Asian zone. Since labour cost in India is extremely low as compared to countries in West, all companies that have budget constraints can be benefitted a lot by this cost cut down.
  • QUALITY  Outsourcing to a service provider that is promising for no negotiation on quality as well as accuracy and client satisfaction, will definitely give the best returns to any company that decides outsourcing. India stands foremost for its commitment to best quality and that all at best competitive cost in market.
  • EDUCATION STANDARDS  It is very much known across the globe that Indian standards of education and the potential people carry with their degrees is among the best that a western country would get. Countries do recruit people from India for varied services like IT, Data Processing and Graphics. Indians do follow a neutral accent whilst speaking English and this is also beneficial for countries in west to outsource their tele-marketing and tele-selling services.


In order to balance in between the productivity and aspects relevant to the same, company infrastructure is an utmost and prime factor. India always stands incompatible for its graceful and discerning work environment. Along with this the software that are used and the man power in purpose are also at par excellence. Obviously if you outsource your non-core work, these extra expense can be nullified. It would be the sole responsibility of the service provider for maintaining the standards. To cut down your cost on infrastructure is among the unavoidable benefits that should always be listed on top for your expense remission.

Why prefer eDataMine


This takes really a big knowledge while selecting the best service provider, and your productivity will be boosted accordingly once the proper selection is done. The few vital elements are enlisted below:

  • Exposure and Familiarity
    Before trusting a service provider for best production it is very important to check for them to have experience and proper exposure in the field with similar work. eDataMine has got a versatile and dedicated team for each services they provide.
  • Yield Capacity
    Turnaround time plays very important role whilst calculating the best production from the service provider and this should be accompanied with utmost accuracy too. Quality and timeframe would decide your rise in output and best return on your investment in to the selected service provider. eDataMine defines the timeframe and the quality prior to starting with the project and everything is written down on an agreement attested by both the parties.
  • Precised
    eDataMine has a forte of providing 99.99% error free work within the committed time frame and also at a very competitive cost in market.
  • Time Management
    Skills are defined with both quality as well as time consumed for getting the best output. eDataMine always delivers the product before the deadline and have a record of maintaining the timeframe bound work as defined in the agreement. Also it provides with a dedicated team as per client’s time zone, this enhances the productivity.
  • Supervision quality
    Best team work is possible with the best team leader. eDataMine has got dedicated supervisors for each team working for varied services as well as per different time zones across the globe. This ensures minimal quality checks and on-time performance too.
  • Client Coordination
    eDataMine has got a middle management set up that continuously maintain their communication with client whilst on-going projects as well as post project. This is also accompanied with providing separate quality control team who maintain their chat online with client’s technical team and regularly taking their feedback for the on-going project. The final output in such case is always approved through the quality parameters.
  • Security liability
    eDataMine has got under assigned agreement for security as well it provides “Liability Insurance” too.
  • Honesty
    Work transparency and ethics is among the core forte for eDataMine. Loyalty and honesty with commitments is always a priority and a must for eDataMine.
  • Adaptability
    eDataMine always stay flexible for client’s requirements; whether it is with timeframe or productivity. eDataMine also provides with a complimentary test run on a sample from the client which determines their mandate towards client satisfaction as well as their competent growth.

Select eDataMine for best Data Entry work since the team consist of working professionals who have got amazing analytical skills with tremendous hold on giving the best work and not negotiating with time as well as quality, collectively the team cater to the client’s expectation and best managerial solutions too.