Manufacturing Services
With the launch of every new product, number of competitors entering into manufacturing industry is huge in volume; this makes day to day routine operational activities more burdensome for existing units. It becomes challenging to provide quality products keeping industry standards in considerations and simultaneously keeping the price of the product very reasonable. By outsourcing the back office routine work to eDataMine our clients have option to minimize their risk with our reliable time bound commitments and thorough technical knowledge supporting their businesses to grow.

Key advantages to outsource:

Why eDataMine?

We are one of the leading companies providing customized back office services to our valuable clients providing with in-depth knowledge of specific areas which they require in different service segments to avail competitive edge over their rival companies. Our main agenda is to provide cost effective services on- time, considering utmost reliability and confidentiality in return of the value paid our clients.

Reliability and non-disclosure clause:

Manufacturing sector is a sector deal with very sensitive data pertaining to basic ingredients of any finished product and precise combination of different raw material. While obtaining sensitive information of our client’s business, assurance is given to our customers, about confidentiality and privacy of the data provided by them. We take utmost care while dealing with sensitive data of our clients like their contact number of their suppliers and customers or any other mode.

Our Team Profile:

We have numbers of teams engaged for every prominent task to serve our clients with precise results. Every member is expert in his subjective role and very well aware of its responsibility. It comprises ofbusiness analysts, customer service executives and experts of different domains having expertise of every section of manufacturing activities.

What can you expect from us?

Here we believe in providing services which can make our clients feel more comfortable in operating their businesses and organisations, making complex processes into simpler one.