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Importance of Outsourcing Medical Transcription in Healthcare

By : Niyati Shukla - 15-06-2022
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Healthcare is the quite complex & challenging field of all. Doctors, surgeons, nurses & other medical professionals have the most formidable jobs. While they are responsible for the betterment of their patients, they are also urged to constantly learn and evolve with time to ensure they’re qualified with the latest knowledge and equipment. Keeping patients’ recovery in mind, they stand to help all day long. That can be frustrating sometimes. Plus, they have to document all the patient details such as their illness, lab reports, medical check-ups, diagnoses, and medications. This documentation is essential in terms of record-keeping practice and compliance protocols. Such exhausting paperwork interrupts their time with their patients. The need to do this every time highlights the key role of medical transcription services in the healthcare field.

The objective of medical transcription is to keep a written record of a patient’s medical history. The approach is believed to be emerged in 1960 along with the beginning of electronic health record systems.

What is a Medical Transcription (MT)?

Medical transcription is a process in which medical audio files (recorded & given by a physician, nurse, or any healthcare expert) are converted into organized word files. The voice reports contain clinical synopses, lab results, surgery notes, and other medical procedures. The files are either printed or created in digital format to be submitted to the Electronic Health Record (EHR) or Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system of the relevant medical facility.

The global medical transcription services market size was US$ 69.33 billion in 2021. The market size is predicted to reach US$ 126.5 billion by 2030, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7% from 2022 to 2030.

Transcription has always helped health and wellness professionals to extract, organize & save valuable data that doesn’t just help healthcare providers, and insurance companies but also establishes the basis for vital medical research & analysis. In fact, in 2019, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics calculated 58,500 healthcare transcription jobs excluding the freelancing positions posted online. The services are a major help to medical consultants, dentists, general practitioners, acute care facilities, long-term care institutions, hospitals, and many more healthcare professionals.

Why Human Transcription is the best choice over Voice Recognition?

Many physicians believe that voice recognition software (VRS) will fulfil their requirements and will perform as satisfactorily as medical teams. Eventually, they realize that the software doesn’t translate correctly, or cannot comprehend the sentences properly. So the experts have to make necessary changes which take up even more of their time. This explains one important point– VRS cannot replace the human element.

The Human touch that Ensures Perfect Data for your EHR and EMR systems 

When you outsource medical transcription services, a person, qualified with medical knowledge & terminology, interprets & transcribes your data. Unlike any machine or software, a medical transcriptionist can very well understand human sentiments. Due to this, you get precise, useful, and consistent electronic health records.

Well-known medical transcription outsourcing companies ensure that their teams complete training in medical terminology and gain some kind of industry experience. This validation ensures that whenever they are assigned a project, they are well-versed with the medical terminology to create comprehensive, useful, and precise transcribed files. The transcription outsourcing companies also provide hospital transcription services for the data digitization of the entire facility.

Technology is the future for sure. However, certain procedures still require human efforts, especially sensitive medical records. Your databases must not suffer due to the technology. Outsourcing medical transcription services means having a team devoted to your practice and patients just as much as you are, and that will reflect in your database. Let’s explore a few more benefits of outsourcing services.

Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Transcription Services

Data Collaboration & Centralization

Be it a small clinic or a multi-specialty hospital, there will be one doctor tending to our ailment, making detailed patient data a central component to give the right treatment. Sometimes, a situation necessitates the expertise of more than one specialist, doctor, or healthcare provider. At such time having a medical transcriptionist pays off. They transcribe the given files and make sure that the data get centralized in sequence and ensure the proper care.

Satisfactory Insurance Settlements

Medical data contains more value than we think. The majority of the time, accurate records protect the healthcare industry from legal disputes, complaints or possible lawsuits. And a lot of credit for that goes to the expert transcriptionists. They create reliable, meticulous, and law-compliant documentation of records that can be used as evidence if necessary. While sustaining the operations and management of your medical facility, the transcribed files also help the staff to bill insurance companies. Transcribed files have to be absolutely accurate as they are used to claim rights and settlements. Hence hiring adept medical transcriptionists would be a sensible option.

Useful for the Support Staff

Medical transcription services become a boon for nurses, medical students and other medical professionals. Here’s how- If a doctor is unavailable for some reason the support staff can use the medical transcriptions to understand the patient’s health, and alarming symptoms if there are any. They can even assist the lab technicians with testing samples while prescribing the right dosage of medicines.

Accurate Medical Records

Medical transcriptions create an accurate patient database that assists to provide the right cure. Transcription maintains the past records of the patients’ treatment, current health condition, and the future course of action to cure the ailment. When patient history (reports, diagnosis, medication surgery notes, and lab tests) is documented perfectly, it also improves the efficiency of doctors and surgeons.

Saves Valuable Lives

Sometimes patients are required to move to other countries for better or more specific treatments. At the time, having multilingual medical transcription on hand helps the doctor who will cure the patient. The files depict the exact condition of the patient, the medication they are on currently, plus the lab or test reports. If the patient is to be treated by multiple experts, such well-documented patient record entirely enriches communication amongst doctors from diverse specializations. The documented data doesn’t just save time but also benefits the medics to decide upon the best possible diagnosis and treatment.

Outsourcing medical transcription services encourage medical experts to focus more on the patient. Rather than writing down the notes on the notepad or directly on the EHR, they can comfortably speak to the patient and record the conversation on the recording device as required. Preferring medical transcription outsourcing is safer than a standard medical scribe due to the possibility of functional creep. Functional creep means utilizing the scribe for clerical work (that is outside the scope of their work) and putting the medic at the risk of carelessness. When you outsource with a company providing transcription services, you also sign necessary documentation (NDA, SLA) that ensures the complete accuracy as well as the security of the transcribed files, substantially reducing the risk of functional creep.

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Choosing the right expert for medical transcription services is crucial. If you require a reliable and cost-effective transcription services outsourcing company, we can help you. Count on us to ensure accurate and reliable transcription of your audio files. For a free trial- kindly write to us at info@edatamine.com

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