Book Conversion Services
Book Conversion Services entails converting of all your books, documents or journals into a digital format. This means all your printed books now take the revolutionary form – electronic e-books. The tons of space that physical paper backed book occupy together with the time wasted in the retrieval of information is considerably saved. It is also a cost-effective method of publishing!

Why should you Outsource Book Conversion Services to EDataMine?

In contrast to following the cheap methods of book conversion, it is ideal that you outsource book conversion services to professionals. They involve automated processes, i.e. your e-book will be perfect and as per your specifications.

What do we convert into e-books?

At eDataMine, we convert multiple formats into the electronic format for you –
Our services are especially beneficial to those who are into the publishing house business or own library. We help to ease out the dilemma faced by these concerns – catering to the growing demands of the readers.

An Array of our services –

With the help of a skilled workforce backed by sophisticated methodology and latest technology, we can handle an array of book conversion services for you. We can accept input from formats like MS Word, Frame Maker, etc.

The services that we provide are –

The Process @ eDataMine –

We need the input from you. We accept your documents in formats as MS Word, Frame Maker, etc. A PDF is however very useful as far as formatting and fonts are concerned. A hard copy of the book is also acceptable; we scan the same for further processing.
The next step is OCR. The digital copy is then converted with very accurate method OCR. The resultant file is proof-read to avoid any scope of errors.
The fonts are now checked, images re-sized, captions are added ensuring that the picture and its caption appear on the same page and do not spill over.
Our experts now link references to footnotes. Indexing by our team enables you to quickly have a look or locate what you are looking for.
The final draft is sent for your approval. Once approved, a high-quality output is then delivered to you.

Benefits of using Book Conversion Services with eDataMine

Benefits of outsourcing book conversion services to us are manifold –
We help you save time and ease the process of managing your library! Our professional book conversion services would give the advantage of escalating your circulation and at the same time minimizing your cost. With a skilled and competent workforce of professionals at your disposal, we convert all your books into the electronic format. We guarantee timely deliveries and a 99.99% accurate output.
Now tracking tons of your documents will become very simple. Don’t let all your books, periodicals, journals, research articles lay on the bookshelf anymore. Convert them into the electronic format and increase their life and security!